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Grab some popcorn, fire up the LazyBoy,
and enjoy some of our homemade QuickTime movies.

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monarch butterfly emerges

A Monarch Butterfly Emerges - We had the pleasure of finding a monarch caterpillar in our garden a few summers ago. So, we took it in and watched it through three stages of metamorphosis. Here we present a time lapse movie of our little female friend emerging from her pupa. monarch.mov - 762k

hand feeding a chickadee

My Little Chickadee - With a little patience and a lot of sunflower seeds, Ed was able to coax a family of chickadees to eat from his hand. chick.mov - 672k

hummingbird war

Hummer Wars - It's easy to spend hours watching hummingbirds fight for a good seat on the feeder. Here are 14 seconds of those many hours. humwar.mov - 842k

great horned owl

Great Horned Owl - We took this video of some crows harrassing a great horned owl from the front window of our apartment. Pretty heartening considering we lived only 12 miles from New York City. owl.mov - 684k

the end of an era

I.T.T. Tower Demolition - Witness, second hand, the demolition of the 300 foot I.T.T. Microwave test tower in Nutley, NJ. tower.mov - 1,151k

Look Movie

Look Movie - This is a piece that Betsy did just for fun - with audio by Adrian Belew.
lookaud.mov - 1,369k

MTV Home Video Open

MTV Home Video Open - This is a piece that Betsy did while still working at MTV - an open for MTV Home Video done all in Adobe After Effects (with audio).
mtvhvf.mov - 1,505k

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