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the Ed and Betsy Show FAQ

This collection of "Frequently Asked Questions" was put together in response to the growing demand for QUALITY and TIMELY information concerning "The Ed and Betsy Show". All of these questions were selected from the thousands of posts to the USENET Newsgroup alt.edandbetsy.show.discuss.

Q: What is "The Ed and Betsy Show"?

A: "The Ed and Betsy Show " is a place where Ed and Betsy get to show off, share stuff, and communicate with friends, family etc.

Q: What will I experience at "Ed and Betsy Show" ?

A: Depends on your browser type, modem speed, and how well you know Ed and Betsy. The majority of the people that visit this site experience " a warming calm accompanied by a tingling sensation" others say it makes them feel "icky".

Q: Will I need special glasses to experience "The Ed and Betsy Show"?

A: No you will not.

Q: Let's say that after visiting "The Ed and Betsy Show "I happen to bump into Ed and/or Betsy on the street, should I approach them or say anything to them?

A: No! Try to avoid them. They probably don't even like you anyway.

Q: If I'm not satisfied with "The Ed and Betsy Show " or I find out that I am allergic to the show, can I have my money back ?

A: No.

Q: How did you do that ?

A: Do what ?

Q: Where are the restrooms ?

A: Go to the end of the hallway and make a left, it's the third door on the right.

Here is what some recent visitors had to say about "The Ed and Betsy Show" web site:

"It's nice!" Richard Crabgrass- Cranford NJ"

"It's so shiny, I can see myself! " Cris Cruspin - Malibu Beach CA

"I found your site both useful and informative. It has been an incredible aid in my research." Robert "Bob" Jenkins - Sandia Research Labs - Palo Alto, CA

"I don't get it." Gina Tarantino - Bloomfield, NJ

"There is a time and a place for everything." Sandra Beaumont - Centerville, OH

"Why, Why, Why ?" Phil Macracken - Pittsburgh, PA

"I think your web site was creative and showed the most interesting people. Just one thing, there should be more pictures of me." Mark "I'm as cute as buttons" Faris - Chinskin, VA

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